Still using Windows 10? You need to change these settings

Still using Windows 10? You need to change these settings

There are 8 settings you have to tweak to forestall disturbing commercials and notifications, enhance your laptop's velocity and increase your privacy.

Microsoft's Windows 11 working device began out progressively rolling out final fall and maybe to be had for all eligible gadgets via way of means of mid-2022.

If you are nonetheless ready at the replacement (this is how you may download Windows 11 now and pass the wait) or debating if upgrading to Windows 11 is really well worth it, do not worry.

You have till 2025 to make your decision. That's while Microsoft will give up the guide for its older OS.

No rely on the motive you are the use of Windows 10, a number of the OS's default settings gather records, make you spot greater commercials and notifications, and can be slowing down your tool.

If you are a Windows 10 user, you will need to spend only a few mins searching into those default settings and doubtlessly turning them off, for the sake of privacy, velocity, and convenience.

Still using Windows 10? You need to change these settings

Here are 8 settings that can be grown to become on via way of means of default that you may disable in Windows 10. (You also can take a look at out the pinnacle Windows 10 pointers and hints and a way to troubleshoot not unusual place Windows 10 problems.) 

Windows 10 file-sharing updates

A function Windows 10 delivered is an optimized replace transport device, which helps you to download updates from different Windows 10 computer systems over the Internet (now no longer simply from Microsoft's servers).

The catch, of course, is that your laptop is likewise used as a replace-sharing hub for different Windows 10 users.

This function grows to become on via way of means of default, however, you may flip it off via way of means of going to Settings > Update & security > Advanced options > Delivery optimization, and toggle Allow downloads from different PCs off. 

Windows 10 file-sharing updates

windows 10 disable the notification center

The Windows 10 Action Center is a available important hub for all your notifications -- apps, reminders, lately established programs.

But notification overload is surely a thing, in particular, while you upload useless notifications (together with Windows pointers) into the mix.

Get your notifications below to manage via way of means of going to Settings > System > Notifications & moves and turning off such things as getting pointers, hints, and guidelines.

While you operate Windows or Show me the Windows welcome enjoy after updates and every so often once I sign up to spotlight what is new and cautioned, and person app notifications.

windows 10 disable the notification center

Windows 10 start menu

  • Microsoft pushes its Windows Store apps -- a lot so, in fact, that you'll be seeing apps you in no way downloaded on your Start menu. These cautioned apps are essentially commercials.
  • Turn off those pesky commercials via way of means of going to Settings > Personalization > Start > Show guidelines every so often in Start. For greater records, take a look at our Windows 10 Start menu guide.
Windows 10 start menu settings

Targeted commercials of third-birthday celebration apps

Microsoft is surely retaining tabs to your possibilities and surfing behavior in Windows 10. You actually have a completely unique marketing and marketing ID (tied for your Microsoft account), which the business enterprise makes use of to expose your focused commercials.

Oh, and Microsoft additionally stocks this marketing and marketing ID profile with third-birthday birthday celebration apps from the Windows Store, unless, of course, you switch this records sharing off.

You can flip this off via way of means of going to Settings > Privacy > General > Let apps use marketing and marketing ID to make commercials greater exciting to you primarily based totally on your app activity (Turning this off will reset your ID).

Targeted commercials of third-birthday celebration apps

How to use Cortana in Windows 10

  • Cortana, your adaptive non-public assistant in Windows 10, receives, well, quite non-public with the records she collects approximately you.
  • Cortana "receives to realize you" via way of means of amassing records together with speech and handwriting styles and typing records, which you could don't forget to be only a little creepy.
  • You can forestall Cortana from learning you, and clean your records out of your tool, via way of means of going to Settings > Privacy > Inking & typing and toggle the choice off.
How to use cortana in windows 10

What background apps should I turn off windows 10

In Windows 10, many apps run withinside the background -- that means, even in case you do not have them open -- via way of means of default.

These apps can acquire records, ship notifications, download and set up updates and in any other case consume up your bandwidth and your battery life.

  • If you are the use of a cell tool and/or a metered connection, you could need to show this option off.
  • To do this, visit Settings > Privacy > Background apps and both toggle off Let apps run withinside the background, or toggle off every app individually.
What background apps should i turn off windows 10

windows sync folders

Windows 10 is all approximately syncing. Everything -- device settings, topics, passwords, seek records -- syncs throughout all of your signed-in gadgets via way of means of default.

But now no longer absolutely everyone needs we seek records to sync from our telephones to our computer systems, so this is how to show syncing off.

  • To flip off settings syncing (along with topics and passwords), visit Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings.
  • You can flip off all settings syncing, or you may selectively flip off precise settings.

windows 10 sync folders

How to enable automatic updates in windows 10

Windows 10 downloads and installs updates mechanically, and also you cannot truly flip them off. And honestly, you should not flip them off -- an up-to-date working device is a stable working device.

But if for a few motives you need to save your laptop from mechanically downloading and putting in Windows 10 updates (possibly so that you can manually download and set up stated updates to your very own schedule), you may pause the updates for a hard and fast quantity of time.

Go to Settings > Updates > Advanced options, and below Pause updates, pick out a date in the subsequent 35 days. You might not be capable of pausing once more after that factor till you replace it, though. 

How to enable automatic updates in windows 10

  • For greater, take a look at the exceptional Windows eleven functions and a way to use them and the whole lot to realize approximately upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

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