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Download the latest version of Drift21 for PC, here you will also find all the information you need about this PC game in detail.

Drift21 PC Game Review & Download - RK Store
Drift21 PC Game


Name Drift21
First Version 7 mai 2020
Exploitation Microsoft Windows 10
Processor Intel Core i5
Graphics card Nvidia GTX 970
Storage 20 GB space available
Genre Racing


Drift21 is a fully immersive drift simulator that puts you at the wheel of your own drift racing car in the legendary and fantastic Japanese EBISU circuits.

Modify and build the drift car that suits you and your dream and show off your skills to take part in challenging challenges that will test your drifting abilities and talents.

  • You can play with other contestants in coitus mode or you can play Solo too!

Drift21 PC Game Full Version Description

Drift21 Features

Drift21 has 12 fully licensed cars for players to choose from, including the BMW E46 M3, Nissan 350Z, Subaru BRZ, and Mazda MX5.

With these cards, you can set them to any of the approximately 2000 parts in the game, as well as a wide variety of options and paint shops.

Drift21 PC Game Full Version Features

The Early Access improvements

Thanks to the upcoming release of this game, there are a large number of improvements to be released.

This also includes improving the physics of each collision and driving, which will greatly increase the realism and enthusiasm of those behind the virtual wheel. There are also new and multiple progression mechanics in Drift21, giving players more excitement and fun when playing!

What are the new updates for Drift21?

Thanks to the upcoming release of this game, there are a large number of improvements to be released.

New Cars

This update will include three new vehicles, each of which will be very exciting for players to see.

These are three cool cars new to the game in this latest update, and each of them I'll be very excited to drive and experience.

New Map

Ning is the new map to join the game with update 2.11.0. This will be a new and fun track that players can drift on.

New Physics

  • One of the biggest and best changes in this update is the new physics version, which adds many exciting improvements for players.

A lot of effort has been put into realism.

The realism of the suspension and tire physics as well as the response of the engine have been improved. This should really help the players to feel connected to the car while playing.

Drift21 PC Game Full Version Download

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