WhatsApp for PC Review

Download the latest version of WhatsApp, here you will also find all the information you need about this PC Software in detail.

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Name WhatsApp
Updated Nov 2, 2021
Size 42.41 Mb
Version 2.2140.12.0
Price Free
Compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
Genre PC Software

Consistently sync WhatsApp talks to any PC

WhatsApp is one of the most well-known talk and texting applications accessible today. The assistance permits clients to save the information by informing over a PC's web association.

Typically, people use this application on cells, but with the new Windows variation, you can finally get to visits straightforwardly from your workspace messenger.

WhatsApp on your desktop

Convey from your work PC or PC easily with this WhatsApp download for PCs. The new work area application is accessible for download on the two Windows and macOS.

The product synchronizes with the application on your cell phone. Additionally, since you introduce it locally, you can redo warnings and console alternate ways as you would prefer.

A simple and sleek interface

  1. The WhatsApp work area interface is the thing that you would expect, with next to no ornaments or mess.
  2. The choices are clear and efficient. For any individual who knows about WhatsApp for Android, route and convenience will require no clarification. Assuming you're curious about it, it's simple to learn.
  3. It doesn't require some investment or work to learn. The choices are suggestive of the Android WhatsApp program. Clients may likewise be acquainted with the internet browser adaptation which is basically the same in usefulness and design.

Most of the same, great functions

This WhatsApp download for your PC is basically the same as the portable and web form. The greater part of what you hope to see and do is offered, aside from now, it is on a bigger screen.

  • You can talk, send, and get photographs or different records. The application additionally offers the capacity to make and direct gatherings and make changes to your profile.

Continuous synchronization

Whenever you've introduced this product, you'll need to examine the QR code utilizing your cell phone. This is like WhatsApp Web. From that point onward, your gadgets will be synchronized, and you can begin talking from your PC or personal computer.

While the application is like the web form, it's ideal to have the option to get to visits without opening an internet browser.

The program is made more open by changing the settings so that you'll get local work area warnings.

The issue is that you'll require a steady association with your telephone. Assuming that your cell phone turns out to be dead, then, at that point, you cannot sign into the work area rendition.

Different projects, similar to LINE, offer a one-time secret word technique. This keeps your messages secure, however, it doesn't hamper your work area experience if there should arise an occurrence of a dead telephone battery.

Chat faster, faster, and more comfortably

  • Associations are commonly quicker through a PC, so records will move quicker and messages will be conveyed quickly.

  • Not exclusively is the presentation bigger and more straightforward on the eyes, yet talking on a PC console is additionally much speedier and more agreeable for some.

  • Similarly, as with different forms, this talk application enables you to oversee bunches with up to 256 individuals all at once.

  • You can name the gathering, as well, just as modify warnings. These are helpful for arranging occasions or for proficient settings.

A better experience

Assuming you have a webcam and amplifier on your PC, you can send photographs, recordings, and brief snippets through your PC.

The phone must be connected constantly

Sadly, the way that the application is associated with your telephone is both a benefit and a detriment.

Your cell phone should be associated consistently that you are utilizing WhatsApp for Windows.

To diminish your information use, ensure your Android or iPhone is associated with a Wi-Fi organization.

Download WhatsApp for PC Latest Version

A few choices are absent

There are a couple of sudden imperfections with the work area application. A couple of choices are absent, for example, the capacity to contact individuals through voice and video calls.

With WhatsApp for Windows 10 PCs, you likewise cant share your present area.

Elective projects

Assuming that you're searching for different stages, there are two or three comparable applications you can attempt.

LINE for Windows works the same way as WhatsApp, yet you won't need a consistent telephone association with utilizing the work area program.

All things considered, you'll enter a one-time secret key and gain admittance to your record on your PC.

You'll in any case need a functioning telephone number, however, with the goal that prerequisite remaining parts predictable.

You could likewise get Telegram for Desktop, yet you'll, in any case, need a versatile record like with LINE and WhatsApp. This program is additionally accessible for Mac.

In the event that you don't have a dependable number, IM+ is an incredible choice. It joins all of your informing administrations for famous records like Facebook. It's a decent other option, particularly to keep every one of your messages in a single spot.

Easy work area talking

For the individuals who do a ton of work on their PC for the duration of the day and don't have any desire to stress over exchanging between gadgets, downloading WhatsApp for Windows is the right call.

Our main expect what's to come is that we will actually want to partake in this application without needing our telephones associated.

Despite the fact that there are some minor inconveniences and missing highlights, this work area rendition of the all around the world-famous informing application is helpful and very much planned.

When this application can work freely, without the association of a cell phone, it will be an unquestionable requirement to download for each WhatsApp client with a Windows PC.

In the event that you download the work area applications freshest adaptation, you'll approach consistent informing as long as your gadget runs on at minimum Windows 10.

  • For the best outcomes, WhatsApp suggests that your PC additionally has an incorporated console, mouse, and camera.

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