Top Free Music Download Apps in 2024


As the world of music continues to evolve, so do the methods of accessing and enjoying our favorite tunes.

In 2024, the digital landscape is filled with an array of apps that offer free music downloads, allowing users to create their personalized playlists without breaking the bank.

In this article, we'll explore some of the best apps available in 2024 for downloading music for free, giving you the perfect soundtrack to your life.

Top Free Music Download Apps


FrostWire is an open-source music download app that boasts an extensive library of free music. Users can enjoy a wide range of tracks from various genres without worrying about copyright issues.

The app's user-friendly interface and seamless navigation make it an ideal choice for music enthusiasts seeking to expand their playlists effortlessly.


SoundCloud has been a popular platform for independent artists to showcase their music for years. In 2024, it remains one of the go-to apps for discovering new and unique tracks.

While SoundCloud offers a premium subscription for ad-free listening and offline downloads, many artists still share their music for free, allowing users to download their favorite tunes legally.


Jamendo is a treasure trove for music lovers who prefer royalty-free and Creative Commons licensed music.

The app houses a vast collection of tracks from independent artists worldwide, making it a fantastic platform to discover hidden musical gems.

Users can download songs for offline listening and support independent musicians in the process.


  • Audiomack has steadily gained popularity in recent years, particularly among hip-hop and rap enthusiasts.
  • It offers a plethora of free music downloads from established and emerging artists alike.
  • With features like offline listening and the ability to create custom playlists, Audiomack has become a favorite among music aficionados in 2024.


For the avid fans of mixtapes, Spinrilla is the ultimate destination. This app specializes in providing free and legal mixtapes from well-known artists, DJs, and rising talents in the hip-hop scene.

It's an excellent way to stay updated with the latest rap releases and discover upcoming artists.

YouTube Music:

While YouTube Music offers a premium subscription for ad-free and offline listening, it still provides a vast collection of free music.

Many artists and channels upload their music for free on YouTube, allowing users to convert and download their favorite tracks through various third-party apps and websites.


In 2024, the world of free music downloads is thriving, thanks to innovative apps that connect music enthusiasts with a diverse range of tracks.

FrostWire, SoundCloud, Jamendo, Audiomack, Spinrilla, and YouTube Music are just a few of the top contenders, offering unique features and extensive libraries to cater to different musical tastes.

With these apps at your fingertips, you can curate your perfect playlist and groove to the beats that define your life, all without spending a dime.

However, it's essential to respect copyright laws and support artists whenever possible, as many of them rely on their art to make a living. Happy listening!

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